Individual Art Therapy

Art therapy works well for many clients as they can express their feelings in a non-verbal way while working with their hands and colours

Art Therapy can help with learning and behavioural issues such as: Asperger's, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Motor skill and balance difficulties

Emotional issues such as: Stress, Negativity, Anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, separation, grief

Art Therapy sessions can include, birth Colour Diagnostic, Colour meditation, clay work, wood work, spray painting, weaving, and painting.

This simple sensory experience creates happiness and allows emotions to flow.

90Mins - $110 (All art material and GST included)
60Mins - $80 (All art material and GST included)


Family/Siblings Art Workshops

These workshops focus on building positive relationships, establishing healthy boundaries in a fun environment, whilst experiencing different art techniques to create a group art piece to take home.

3 Family members - $290 - 3 Hours (All art material and GST included)
($60 each extra family member)



Neurographics is an easy and enjoyable drawing technique where you learn to draw Neurographic lines. This simple exercise offers the following benefits:

• Creates happiness
• Calms down nervous system
• Connects the left side and the right side of the brain with our emotions
• Stress relief
• Create a new positive reality

Individuals - 90 Mins for $110 (All art material and GST included)

Groups: of 3 - $290 - 3 Hours
($60 each extra group member)

Group Workshops.jpg

Group Workshops

These group workshops are designed to create individual art pieces in bigger groups. I work with schools/colleges and individual groups together and after art workshops for Well Being.

All art workshops are based on Motorskill Capability and Confidence Building. Groups can choose from numerous programs like Nerographic, Earthclay and Birdnest making and many more.

Please contact Corinne to discuss you’re requirements.

Group Prices:
5-10 - $40 per person
11-20 - $30 per person
21-30 - $25 per person

(All prices are including GST)