Corinne Allan - Art therapist

My Name is Corinne Allan I live with my husband and three children in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast. I grew up in Switzerland and studied Facility Management in Zurich.

After my studies I worked in a Rudolf Steiner based home for children/adults with metal/physical disabilities. Following this I opened the first Forest Kindergarten with my sister which we ran for over 15 years.

From 2012 till December 2016 I completed studies in Art Therapy, Mindfulness technique and Colour Diagnostics.

In 2017 I opened Kapiti Art Therapy to give parents an alternative to medical treatment. As I’m aware that the Early Childhood Intervention Service in Wellington has over 2800 children on the waiting list (stand Nov. 2017) and schools have limited funding to help individuals. Therefore, parents often have to deal with long waiting Lists.

I felt there was a huge need in the community to help children deal with emotional stress and teach them skills to cope with learning/behavioural difficulties and focus on their talents rather on what is challenging for them.

I offer parents information and support and work alongside schools and medical professionals.

I’m passionate about helping children, teenager and adults to improve their emotional, mental and physical well being.

I’m a strong believer in the benefits of Creativity:

Creativity leads to creative thinking, creative thinking leads to problem solving, and problem solving leads to emotional Intelligence and Emotional intelligence is everything.

In my free time I love to participate Triathlons with my team Kapiti Triaddix all over New Zealand and in 2015 I completed the ¼ Ironman in Kinloch and a half Marathon in Wellington.

Corinne Allan

Art Therapy Diploma | Mindfulness Diploma | Neurographic Specialist Diploma | Colour Diagnostic Certificate | Intuitive Coaching Training | 10 Years Experience Working with Special Needs Children.